Your New Best Friend: Planboard

Tired of keeping piles of old agendas and trying to find lesson plans through those? If the answer is ‘yes’, I have a solution to your problem: Planboard App. This application is free and helpful on so many levels. To create an account it is easy as pie, you only have to go on the Planboard’s website and sign up.


Basically, Planboard is a tool, for teachers, that helps us put on the Internet lesson plans, find resources and collaborate with others. Because it is streamlined, it gives us the opportunity to take a look at our plan anywhere we want and whenever we want. Plus, it avoids taking the chance to lose our agenda in which I keep all my life as a teacher. By clicking here, you can take a look on its visual aspect.

Before reading this short article,  I didn’t know something was missing in my life. Between my agenda for my first practicum and all the ones to come, I didn’t know how I would manage to keep clear, simple and findable lesson plans. With this tool, I can manage de create lesson plans based on the schedule of each class I will teach. That way, I don’t get mixed up from one group to another and I can have everything at the same place.

Moreover, I will certainly have to be a substitute teacher many times once I am done studying. With this tool, teachers will be able to let their substitute know what needs to be seen, where they are in their lesson, etc. Having the possibility to consult the teacher’s lesson plan on the Internet will help me be more confident and sure of what needs to be done during my substitutions. Plus, the teacher will feel more at peace when leaving his/her classroom to another person. This is what Herbert Lui discusses in his article, which I find quite interesting.

To sum up, Planboard is perfect for people who are less organized like I am. It is simple to use and perfect to avoid losing things. It clearly is a tool I will start using from now on. You should too!

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