Weebly Websites

In a couple of words, Weebly is a free service used to easily build websites. To have access to it, it is simple as it can get. You go to the home page and you create an account by signing up. In order to use it, you can either explore the website by yourself or watch a tutorial video.

As a future English teacher, I can use Weebly for Education because it allows me to create student accounts that I can manage and moderate, which makes it a controlled environment even if it is on the Internet.

This service offers more than 70 built-in designs, for those who are not very good with technologies, but we can also create our own designs. For school purposes, I would strongly recommend to use the ones that are offered in order to avoid unnecessary complications. Moreover, it has a bank of multimedia features which includes pictures, photo galleries, videos, documents, maps and audio players. This aspect of the tool adds to its easiness of usage and gives the opportunity to share/hand in many different types of work.

With this tool, I can create a digital portfolio of schoolwork, which is great because students can hand in their work through it and, at the same time, avoid wasting paper. Moreover, instead of losing all the amazing projects they do during their school year and having all the hard work they put into disappear, with a digital portfolio, I can have them take pictures of their projects and put them on the website. That way, they can go back to see it whenever they want and show it to others. It also allows parents to follow their child’s progress and to know what they do at school, which they usually appreciate.

In addition, I can create a WebQuest for my students. For example, if I want them to do a model of the Solar System, I can create a website with steps to follow, pages to fill-out, links to go see, etc. That way, students clearly know what needs to be done and it’s fun!

During projects, instead of having my students do the usual poster on what has been researched, I could ask my students to create a website on their subject. That way, it would give students the opportunity to use their creativity in a different way and it would make the final presentation more interesting and interactive.


In brief, I really like this tool because it opens doors that could have stayed closed if it hadn’t been that easy to use. It also brings to use their favorite device, the computer, in an educational way. It’s awesome! For all teachers out there, you should seriously consider using Weebly.

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