Cellphones in Schools: Not a Piece of Cake

Personally, in my classroom, I don’t want my students to have their cellphones with them because it is a gadget that becomes too complicated to control. I don’t mind if they bring them to school for security purposes or because of parents’ request but, as soon as they enter the class, I want them out of my sight by having students drop them in designated box or put them into provided lockers.


People say that cellphones are useful in classrooms for academic purposes but, seriously, what does this device has over computers, laptops or iPads? Nowadays, every school has access to computer labs, some of them even have laptops and/or iPads. For example, instead of surfing the Internet on the hand-on technology, I prioritize the use of computers or give the research part of a project as homework so that my students can use whatever device they want once they are at home. If they want to calculate something, then I have them use a real calculator, not the one on their phone. If they want to have a reminder, then I tell them to use their agenda but, then again, once they are at home they can add their reminder to their electronic device if it makes them more confortable. See, many things can replace the use of cellphones, so let’s avoid integrating this technology to our classes.


Moreover, cellphones bring many different disadvantages that I consider to be unacceptable in my class. In fact, a cheating factor is created because they can sneakily use their phones to text a classmate for answers or to surf on the Internet in order to find answers. I think it is unacceptable and I don’t want to take a chance by allowing them in my classroom. This device is also a major source of distraction because they either are texting, surfing on social medias or just looking at random websites. Sometimes, I can even hear them ring. It has become an addiction and when they aren’t able to forbear from using it during courses, students not only aren’t concentrated, but they also distract their classmates and me, their teacher.


In addition, I consider bullying to be a major problem in our schools and, since social media has been used by the majority of our society, cyberbullying has increased. I personally think that it is something important to take into consideration when accepting cellphones in schools because it gives bullies the opportunity to terrorize their victims all day long. Nowadays I do not see a lot a physical or verbal violence, students have become sneakier, they now use psychological violence through Internet and can bully their victims whenever they want. Can this be a cause of the recent young people who took away their life? I think it plays a certain role. By banning cellphones in my classroom, I make sure that none of my students cyberbullies their classmates when they are with my.

I agree with the fact that endless possibilities of usage exist with cellphones, but I still think that they are too difficult to control and that other strategies can replace them. Therefore, I don’t want to see cellphones in my classroom.

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