Prezi, the New PowerPoint

A PowerPoint is an integral part of teachers’ visual supports. How many PowerPoints have you created this year only? How many of them do you think your students remember? Maybe one, maybe two, surely not the majority of them! Looking back, do you think it was a waste of time? Let me answer that question for you. No, it wasn’t! Although PowerPoints can be great when they are used appropriately, you should seriously consider using a new web-based tool: Prezi, the new PowerPoint.


Instead of having a plain and boring PowerPoint with a lot of text, too little images, and too many slides, Prezi gives you so many advantages starting with the fact that it is a canvas that can become bigger and bigger as you continue adding things to it. Briefly, Prezi gives you the opportunity to add images, texts, graphics, links to websites and videos to your canvas. Moreover, you can create a “path” that you will follow during your presentation, it doesn’t need to be linear anymore. You can zoom on something, go back and fly around the screen to show your visuals in the order you want. You can make it even more captivating by using 3D backgrounds that will make it seem as if you’ve worked hard on your presentation, harder than you actually did. Be impressive!

In addition of its greatness, it is easy to use. On Prezi’s main website, there is a section with 4 videos explaining each step needed to make a good presentation with the tool. When you missed out on an information, it makes it easy to go back in video and find it.

I like this tool because, in my classroom, I can have my students participate to make them decide which aspect they want to know more about first. For example, I can create games with categories, a little bit like Jeopardy, and have my students choose what they want to answer first. Students love to play a role in the course’s progression and Prezi gives me the opportunity to let them do so. In brief, I need to take advantage of the fact that it let’s me be more flexible in my presentations and I need to use Prezi consequently.

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